The KIH Bed (pronounced 'key' bed) is a pregnancy cushion that is used by practitioners with existing couches to enable their clients to lay on their front throughout their pregnancy.  Popular with therapists, and used by mums in the home during pregnancy and therafter for co-sleeping.  




  • Julie won local and national awards for innovation in 2014 and KIH Products was awarded Excellence in Innovation Highly Commended Accolade Award by the Federation of Holistic Therapists in 2015.


  • The KIH Bed is now used by massage therapists, chiropractors and osteopaths around the world, as well as by mums to be and new mums in the home, the KIH bed is turning into a must have as a therapist, hotel and household maternity aid.


  • Additionally the KIH Bed is perfect for co-sleeping post-partum and thereafter an aid for sitting.  


  • Weighing less than 2 kilos and measuring only 20” x 22” x 8” the KIH Bed is lightweight and easy to store! With a convenient  carry bag with handles for ease of carriage.


  • The KIH Bed is fully compliant with British Standards BS7177, BS5852 and BSEN713.  These tests relate to furniture & fire regulations and also to breathability testing as carried out on cot mattresses.


For practitioners the face rest (bought seperately) used with existing couch face hole ensures correct spinal alignment whilst lower leg height helps prevent inward curvature of spine.  Hammock style cover also helps support round ligaments.  

100% soft cotton cover.


Please see listed therapists (to book your treatment.


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The KIH bed is absolutely fantastic my clients are loving it and spreading the word. The KIH bed enhances the whole pregnancy massage and I have not looked back since investing in it. Also I am absolutely chuffed to be the first therapist in the North of Ireland to be offering it. It is wonderful tool for therapist offering pregnancy massage. A delighted practitioner


Roisin Cairns  |  October 2015

'I bought a KIH Bed from Julie earlier this year and have been very impressed with the quality and comfort of the product. As a Chiropractor I often treat ladies in variable stages of pregnancy and the double layer to the pillow allows a fantastic transition between stages. The removable covers are great and easy to remove and wash. I would highly recommend Julie and her KIH pregnancy products.


Melissa Folly  |  April 2014

'Julie is an inspiration!! The KIH bed is a fab invention.It helped me out no end when I was pregnant.i was so impressed that I use it in my salon for expectant mums who desperately need a massage.They love the fact they can lie on their front even though they are heavily pregnant. I love this product its fabulous!!'


Natalie Kent  |  October 2014