By Julie Hawkins, Aug 26 2017 06:15PM

The KIH Bed is now in... DUBLIN, Ireland, at the Willows Clinic. Book your #pregnancy #massage now

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By Julie Hawkins, Aug 4 2017 06:25PM

One of the most difficult things for us UK women to get our heads around is the importance of massage therapy. I was one of them. Pre-qualifying I considered a massage to be a 'treat' and certainly not as essential to our physical and mental wellbeing as a glass of water! It was only after gaining an ITEC Diploma in Holistic Massage and Anatomy and Physiology that I really appreciated how we need to change our mentality in terms of how much we actually 'need' this, how other cultures practice this as standard and how we should budget this in along with our food and other monthly expenses.

In #pregnancy it is even more beneficial to see a qualified therapist as it is such a crucial time for your overall wellbeing. Benefits of massage include but are not limited to, improved sleep, reduced anxiety, improved circulation, reduced back ache, relief from stress on joints, hydrated skin, relaxed mum-to-be and emotional support.

The KIH Bed (pronounced key) is a great pregnancy #cushion because whereas other #massage couches with a 'hole' may not support you properly and may actually put more pressure on the back, the KIH Bed is designed to support the skeletal structure, the spine is stretched in a way that supports the back and the cover is designed in such a way that your bump is supported in a hammock style drop offering the mum-to-be complete comfort and confidence that her body is not under additional pressure. Pregnancy Cushion to Lay on #Front..

By Julie Hawkins, Aug 1 2017 08:43AM

As KIH Products celebrates it's 4th birthday it is celebrating increasing popularity amongst Chiropractors, Osteopaths and Massage Therapists specialising in Pregnancy Massage. The KIH Bed enables the client to lay on her front at variable stages of pregnancy and now boasts 4 years positive feedback.

Available on Amazon, Ebay and from the manufacturer the KIH Bed is also available wholesale in very small order quantities.

If you want to lay on your belly in your 2nd and 3rd trimester use our find a therapist facility to book a treatment near you. The KIH Bed is a firm support pregnancy cushion that supports your skeletal structure so that you can relax knowing that you will not be putting any weight on your stomach.

The KIH Bed splits into two depths (for the therapist pack) which makes it even easier to achieve the perfect depth for your client.

Designed in 2011 and launched in 2013 after two years health and safety testing, prototyping and patenting, the KIH Bed has won awards including the Excellence in Innovation Accolade Award with the Federation of Holistic Therapists in 2015.

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By Julie Hawkins, Apr 14 2015 08:54AM

It is just over a year since the launch of the KIH Bed and it is fast becoming a must have for mums to be and health professionals, just see our site for feedback. Although it was designed as a comfort aid only during pregnancy it has proved useful in so many ways, for co-sleeping, as a sit me up for baby, in place of a bumbo etc. it also now has much excitement from health professionals who's research shows that laying prone in pregnancy can have many health benefits, can help baby spin and support optimal feotal positioning. Watch this space for developments following research.

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